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The man who learned to walk three times : a memoir

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  • Author: Kavanagh, Peter

    CBC journalist Peter Kavanagh was just an infant when he was diagnosed with paralytic polio and suffered permanent paralysis in the lower part of his left leg. As a child, Kavanagh endured painful medical procedures to even out the length of his legs, and experimental exercise techniques. He spent his youth in a leg brace and special footwear, isolating for a boy whose classmates ran freely in sneakers. His first lesson in walking was how to move while wearing such equipment. Throughout his life, as he developed a very successful career in public broadcasting, built a family, and indulged in his love of music and travel, Kavanagh underwent various surgeries to give him "normal" mobility.

    Original Publisher: Toronto, ON, ©2015, CNIB
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780345808547, 0345808541
    Collection(s)/Series: Disability Perspectives Collection