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The right to die : the courageous Canadians who gave us the right to a dignified death

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  • Author: Bauslaugh, Gary
    Contributor: Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association

    "Who owns my life?" Sue Rodriguez was dying of a form of ALS (or Lou Gehrig's disease) when she asked this question of the Supreme Court of Canada in 1993. She was fighting for the right to a physician-assisted death before she became fully paralyzed. At the time, assisted suicide could result in jail time for the participating physician. In a narrow decision, Rodriguez lost her case. She died in 1994. In a historic reversal, in 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada changed its mind. The court ruled that Canadians suffering unbearably from illness or disease do not have a duty to live. The landmark, unanimous decision was the culmination of two decades during which public opinion came to favour assisted suicide. The shift was the result of the efforts of courageous Canadians who asked for the right to a dignified death. In this book, Gary Bauslaugh tells their stories.

    Original Publisher: Halifax, NS, James Lorimer & Company
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781459411173
    Collection(s)/Series: Atlantic Canadian