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The rule of three : Fight for power (book 2)

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  • Auteur: Walters, Eric

    In a world gone dark, life goes on for Adam and his fortified neighborhood of Eden Mills even if the extreme steps taken by his battle-hardened mentor Herb, his police chief mom, and the other leaders in the name of security and survival are increasingly wrenching and questionable. But with renewed determination, Adam will follow Herb's lead: he'll do what it takes, hell make sense of having had to defeat the enemy in such awful ways. All that matters is that their suburban home is safe again in a blackened world that still feels like a place worth living in. So when the next threat, more deadly and dangerous for being so unexpected, comes from within the walls, Adam isn't ready for it. And soon the very person in whom this sixteen-year-old has placed all his hopes will pay the price, because of Adam's mistakes, and mistaken trust.

    Éditeur original: Toronto, Razorbill
    Langue(s): English