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Surviving the city. Vol. 2, From the roots up

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  • Contributor: Donovan, Natasha

    "Dez and Miikwan's stories continue in this sequel to Surviving the City. Dez's grandmother has passed away. Grieving, and with nowhere else to go, she's living in a group home. On top of everything else, Dez is navigating a new relationship and coming into her identity as a Two-Spirit person. Miikwan is crushing on the school's new kid Riel, but doesn't really understand what Dez is going through. Will she learn how to be a supportive ally to her best friend? Elder Linda is doing her best to be supportive, but she doesn't know how to respond when the gendered protocols she's grown up with that are being thrown into question. Will Dez be comfortable expressing her full identity? And will her community relearn the teachings and overcome prejudice to celebrate her for who she is?"--

    Éditeur original: Winnipeg, Manitoba, HighWater Press
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 1553799003, 1553798996, 9781553799009, 9781553798996
    Collection(s)/Series: Prairie Indigenous Ebook Collection