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Raven and the first people : legends of the Northwest Coast

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  • Author: George, Thomas
    Contributor: Ryan, Janice

    "Below the mist-shrouded mountains of the West Coast lie the stories of how we came to be. It is through the myths of the people who have lived with this spirit of place for thousands of years that we uncover the mystery of our homeland. The mythical creatures Raven, Thunderbird, Bear and the Great Spirit become a path to rediscovering the spiritual landscape of culture. These are the stories of the Pacific Coast that tell of gods and demons, good and evil; things unimaginable brought to life. More than just tales of magic and the supernatural, the legends follow the traditions of the peoples of the Pacific Northwest and illustrate their profound relationship to the natural environment. The legacy of a vibrant and prosperous culture, these stories reveal the essence of their collective wisdom. The legends of the creation of The People emerging from the ocean depths, the formation of the landscape and the origins of fire, thunderstorms and the wind affirm the harmony with which our ancestors lived with nature."--

    • Raven brings light to the world
    • The young woman and the Great Flood
    • Mighty White Raven
    • Raven versus the spider
    • Raven and the clam
    • Raven against the Southwest Wind
    • The valley of shadows
    • Thunder and lightning
    • Mink tries to take a wife
    • The origin of the loon
    • The woman of the Nass River volcano
    • Killer Whale and the wife
    • The princess and the bears
    • Thunderbird fights Raven
    • Raven, Beaver, and the salmon
    • Origin stories of fire. Fire from heaven ; Raven and the fire possessed by hags
    • Raven battles Mosquito
    • The contest of winds
    • The island of the dead
    • The giant
    • Raven and the two-headed serpent
    • Raven and the humble Swallow
    • Hungry Raven gets some berries
    • Raven's bad advice
    • Raven creates mountains
    • Raven spears a shark
    • Raven holds the sun
    • Raven causes several problems.
    Original Publisher: [Edmonton, Alberta], Eschia Books
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781926696980